Skeleton Crew (Huntington Theatre Company)

“The performances in “Skeleton Crew’’ are solid across the board. Best of all is Cash as Shanita, subtly suggesting the uncertainty beneath the young woman’s vitality and seeming confidence. Shanita has an awful lot riding on her job, not just income but identity, and the expression on Cash’s face when Shanita learns the plant is indeed closing speaks volumes: It’s as if her world is coming to an end.”   – The Boston Globe

 “Cash becomes increasingly captivating to watch as her character opens up, expressing the pride she feels about her job and accepting the hormonal changes happening to her. Together, Dent and Cash make the chemistry between Dez and Shanita feel organic.” – Broadway World

“The strong cast, directed by Megan Sandberg-Zakian, is the heart and soul of this production, though, and each actor lands precisely on moment after standout moment. “ – WBUR TheARTery

“The quartet are a perfectly balanced tour de force, each so amazingly comfortable in their own characters, providing humor and intensity in just the right amount and places.”  -- Boston and Beyond

The Piano Lesson (Hartford Stage)

Toccarra Cash lights up the stage as a romantic interest for Boy Willie and Lymon.”      
–Conneticut Arts Connection

Toccarra Cash offers a flash of excitement as Grace, Boy Willie’s one night stand.”       
The Bridgeport News



Brothers from the Bottom (Billie Holiday Theatre—NY, NOCCA—New Orleans)

“Throughout, the acting stands way above the flood line…everyone does fine work. When the script veers toward melodrama, these actors ground it with sensitivity and verve. The neighborhood may need renewal and repair. These performances don’t.”   -- The New York Times

Toccarra Cash (Malika) gives a strong performance as Chris’(Wendell Pierce) wife.”                                  -- Routes Magazine

“If Chris is Ralph Kramden, Malika[Toccarra Cash] is Alice Kramden. She loves her man, but she has to call him out when she feels he's going too far. In such scenes, she's commanding.”  -- The Times-Picayune

“Chris’ relationship with his wife Malika (Toccarra Cash) is worthy of a sitcom in the way they support and challenge each other. Pierce and Cash share playful energy, and Cash brings warmth and wit to the show.” – Gambit Weekly, Best of New


Race (Florida Studio Theatre)

“Morrow and Cash are particularly effective throughout the show, casually revealing long-held hatreds in a matter of fact way but still pursuing what they each think is right.” – The Sarasota Herald-Tribune


Playing With Fire (Negro Ensemble Company/August Strindberg Repertory Theatre)

“…Both Cash and James give fine performances…” – Backstage


Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom (Baltimore Centerstage)

“Dussie Mae (played vividly by Toccarra Cash)…” – Baltimore Sun